Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require protective clothing to apply SB Plant Invigorator?

It is advisable to wear suitable gloves when handling the concentrate. As a precaution, if you have sensitive skin it is advisable, as with any product, to wear appropriate protection.

How often should I apply SB Plant Invigorator?

To maximise effectiveness ensure product is applied thoroughly to upper and lower leaf surfaces on a weekly basis.

Can I use SB Plant Invigorator when my crop is very young?

Yes, to date no problems have been recorded, but as a precaution it is advisable to apply the product to a small area first, especially in hot conditions. Besides maintaining strong healthy growth, control of a wide range of plant pests plus powdery mildew should be achieved from an early stage.

Can I add a wetter or spraying oil with SB Plant Invigorator?

No, it is not advisable or necessary to add any type of wetter or spraying oil. SB Plant Invigorator is formulated to ensure it spreads and sticks sufficiently to the crop foliage.